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Waterjet cutting technology is a computer – based cutting technology, which enables cutting materials in a smooth and burr-free way, without causing any deformation. Any material found in nature can be cut and shaped with the cutting technology of water jet. All sharp edged, acute angled and small-diameter designs can be applied to materials in a delicate and smooth way with water jet technology. The fact that there is no obligation to start operating from the sides of the material, raises the value of water jet.

With Mavijet water jet technology, metals can be cut without being heated, hardened or deformed. It is possible to apply computer – designed planar shapes perfectly and without any burrs to the materials by means of water jet.

Water jet cutting diagram


Even today, state of the art technological devices can cut metals with a thickness of maximum 20mm and stainless with a thickness of maximum 10mm.

However it is possible to cut any natural item with a thickness up to 200mm. It is not feasible for any other machine other than Mavijet, to cut one material on top of another. On the other hand it is possible with Mavijet. For example; 8 aluminum sheets with a thickness of 1.5 mm each, can be imbricated and cut as a whole and this makes water jet a time, labour and eventually cost-saving process.



WATER JET’S AREAS OF USE :                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Space and Air Vehicles: Aluminum, titanium, high-speed ceramics, Cr - Ni - Co based composite materials.
Construction and Decoration: Mosaics, stones, marble, granite, concrete, plasterboards and isolation materials.
Machine Industry: Cogwheels, casting pieces, alloy steels, copper, aluminum, carbide, titanium and stainless metals.
Glass Industry: Safety glasses, plexiglasses, hard laminated glasses.
Woodworking Industry: Chipboards, medium-density fiberboards, hard wood, covering materials.
Textile Industry: Fabrics, leather, carpets and floor mats.
Vehicle Production and Automotive Supply Industry: Interior trimming (interior door surfaces, ceilings, floors) front cantilever, plastic film and coverings, wheels, packing and isolation materials.
Food: Fruites and vegetables, frozen food, meat, fish etc.



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