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We aim to improve our company, especially in work safety and environment issues by providing our employees several education opportunities and letting them contribute to the system consciously.

We pay special attention to protecting natural resources, decreasing the amount of waste to minimum, preventing earth, air and water pollution and taking all necessary measures to increase recycling in the production phase.

We comply with every national and international law, code, statute, regulation in force and any rules of the institutions of which we are a member.

By following technological improvements regarding work safety and environment in an effort to use the safest and the most eco-friendly technologies in our operations, we make significant progress.

Believing that occupational and environmental accidents can be prevented, our goal is to keep the number of occupational accidents and deseases at zero, by removing the risks at the outset with the active contribution of our every employee.




Alaaddinbey Mah. İzmiryolu Cad. No:305/J Nilüfer / BURSA
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