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Mavijet is Turkey’s 100% domestic water jet cutting pump and machine brand. Mavijet, with its approved performance in water jet cutting operations and safety, also provides convenience about utilization and maintenance.Appropriate for any related business, Mavijet water jet cutting machineswhich are being manufactured with patented technology by our expert engineer and machinist staff, can save both money and time for your company.

a bout us

We manufacture triaxial or five-axis robotic systems which can give shape to various types of materials which differ from each other, without causing a deformation on the cutting surface and actualize very complicated designs we have created, taking into account the sectoral requirements.

Mavijet high pressure pump, having been tested at a pressure of 5500 bars, is fixed to the level of 4000 bars.

The cutting speed and surface qualities of the materials cut by Mavijet havewon recognition fromeveryone, whether concerned with water jet technologies or not.



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