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"MAVIJET Waterjet Cutting Machine" is waterjet brand of the company Maviform.
Water jet high pressure pump which has not been manufactured in Turkey up to the present, is now being produced in our factory located in Bursa with all its equipment and spare parts. The commencement of production of Mavijet in Turkey provides major advantages for the users especially regarding procurement of spare parts and services. Our company, having rich spare part stocks, requires time only for the transportation process for providing any such service.

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High Pressure Pump-4000 Bars


Waterjet High Pressure Pump

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What is waterjet?

Water jet is a cold cutting process, which enables cutting of all kinds of materials found in nature, either hard or soft, with a thickness of minimum 0,1mm up to 200mm.

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Areas of use
Areas of use

Water jet can be used in various fields like construction and decoration, machine, automotive, glass, textile, woodworking and furniture industries, space and air vehicles and food sector.

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spare parts
Spare parts

Mavijet is the sole manufacturer producing water jet high pressure pumps and all high pressure materials that constitute such pumps in its own factory in Turkey. We provide immediate service to our customers with our technical team and rich spare part stocks.

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'Waterjet cutting machine' can be used in aviation and space industries, in order to cut aluminum, titanium, high-speed ceramics and Cr–Ni-Co based composite materials which are being used in manufacturing of planes, helicopters, satellites and shuttles.
It is being used for cutting safety glasses, plexiglasses and shaping both interior and exterior surfaces of hard laminated glasses. It avoids time and yield loss which may arise in the phase of cutting such delicate products and enables sharp and smooth cuts.
It is also a preferred technique in construction and decoration sectors, for the cutting and forming of mosaics, stones, marble, granite, concrete, plasterboards and isolation materials before application according to the related projects.
It is being used to cut cogwheels, casting pieces, alloy steels, copper, aluminum, carbide, titanium and stainless metal parts of the machines being produced for various sectors.
It is used for cutting chipboards, medium – density fiber boards, hard woods and interior / exterior surfaces of lining materials which constitute the products of woodworking industry. The cuts are smooth and with zero-defect. No swelling or deformation occurs in the materials.
Fruits and vegetables, frozen foods, meat, fish etc.
It is being used to cut the interior and exterior surfaces of the interior trimming (interior door surfaces, ceilings, floors) front cantilever, plastic film and coverings, wheels, packing and isolation materials, in either simple or three dimensional forms. It is considered the prime equipment in automotive industries and its sub-industry.
Mavijet is Turkey’s 100% domestic waterjet cutting pump and machine brand. Mavijet, with its approved performance in waterjet cutting operations and safety, also provides convenience about utilization and maintenance.Appropriate for any related business, Mavijet waterjet cutting machine swhich are being manufactured with patented technology by our expert engineer and machinist staff, can save both money and time for your company.We manufacture triaxial (3D - 3 axis waterjet), five-axis (5D - 5 axis waterjet) or six-axis (6D - 6 axis waterjet) robotic systems which can give shape to various types of materials which differ from each other, without causing a deformation on the cutting surface and actualize very complicated designs we have created, taking into account the sectoral requirements. Mavijet high pressure pump, having been tested at a pressure of 5500 bars, is fixed to the level of 4000 bars. WWThe cutting speed and surface qualities of the materials cut by Mavijet havewon recognition fromeveryone, whether concerned with waterjet technologies or not.
Mavijet waterjet cutting counter, which enables cutting in 3, 5 and 6 axis, can be manufactured in the length range of 1000 mm.- 6000 mm. and in the width range of 1000 mm.- 3000 mm.
Provides rapid and smooth cutting with its constant cutting pressure of 4000 bars and digitally adjusted flow rate of 120 lt/min. The cutting head is generally being mounted on the robotic arm. The cutting technology of three and five dimentional waterjet is being used for the improvement of industrial robots and robotics. It provides maximum flexibility in any environmental condition.
Mavijet waterjet technology is a computer – based cutting technology, which enables cutting materials in a smooth and burr-free way, without causing any deformation. Any material found in nature can be cut and shaped with the cutting technology of waterjet. All sharp edged, acute angled and small-diameter designs can be applied to materials in a delicate and smooth way with waterjet technology. The fact that there is no obligation to start operating from the sides of the material, raises the value of waterjet. With Mavijet waterjet technology, metals can be cut without being heated, hardened or deformed. It is possible to apply computer – designed planar shapes perfectly and without any burrs to the materials by means of waterjet. Even today, state of the art technological devices can cut metals with a thickness of maximum 20mm and stainless with a thickness of maximum 10mm. However it is possible to cut any natural item with a thickness up to 200mm. It is not feasible for any other machine other than waterjet, to cut one material on top of another. On the other hand it is possible with Mavijet. For example; 8 aluminum sheets with a thickness of 1.5 mm each, can be imbricated and cut as a whole and this makes waterjet a time, labour and eventually cost-saving process. The cutting head is usually mounted on the robot arm. Three-dimensional waterjet cutting technology is used for the growth of industrial robots and robotics. Provides maximum flexibility in a constantly changing environment, guarantee the production robotic solutions. Example: To reset the system or other processes without loss of time in order to perform several different tasks at the same unit. Provides a facility to change the program so that the cut-off. Industrial robots and parts of the jet is extremely economical, safe and highly-efficient.
Low pressure tap water, after passing through the purification and softening systems comes to the high pressure pump and with the aid of the hydraulic system it becomes high pressure following the compression process. Such high pressure water is transferred from the high pressure pumps to the cutting head connected to axis Z on the CNC counter, via high pressure pipelines.
Abrasive pumped from the abrasive tank with the aid of 2 bar air comes to the sand timer, the flow rate per minute can be regulated with the potentiometer on the CNC. Sand coming from the abrasive tank meets the high pressure water in the mixing chamber at the cutting head and as the mixture squirts from the nozzle, the cutting process occurs. Any material with a thickness of 0,1 mm up to 200 mm can be finely cut by means of this cold cutting method without causing any burrs, burn or deformation in the molecular structure. The material can be treated as a finished product and be mounted right after the fine blanking process, especially without any need for an extra machining operation. Mavijet high pressure pump provides high cutting speed and quality with its performance generating “4000 bar sconstantly”. It is easy to use, since the pressure amount can be adjusted according to the softness, hardness, thickness and other features of the materials within the range of 1000 - 4000 bars. The adjustment can be done electronically by typing the required amount on the touch-screen of the high pressure pump, in compliance with the qualities of the material.
The fact that Mavijet CNC counter avoids vibration on account of its resisting 11 – ton – construction, is the main factor behind itshigh cutting speed and precision. Its rigidity enables cutting with a 0,01mm sensitivity.
Mavijet’s target is to become a world brandwith its powerful high pressure pumps and increase our high pressure pump sales by sharing our vision, customer service policies, spare part stocks, service speed and knowledge with CNC manufacturers.
One of the most important reasons why Mavijet is more preferable on the market, is that our company provides spare parts and other services perfectly. Any spare part ordered in case of a failure, can be delivered to anywhere in Turkey in only 1 day by cargo.
The same principle applies for cases in which our technical service team needs to respond to the failure as well. Placing particular importance to customer satisfaction, it is essential for our company to have enough spare parts in stock in accordance with our customers’ needs.




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